Friday, February 19, 2010

71. Set Date for Starting CBT

Currently working on :
February 9th 2010
Will be on waiting list until summer, after a discussion with psychiatrist. This was my decision as I do not wish for this to affect my studies.
September 17th 2010
After moving house, starting with a new psychiatrist in a month, will have to discuss this with them.
May 28th 2011
Started in April after a long wait, attending roughly once a forthnight.

40. Get to Elite in GPRO

Currently working on :

Season 18 : Jan / Feb 2010 : Amateur
Retained with 2 points and just over $3 million, car not in a great state. Pretty happy with current driver, will be better with lots of training.

Season 19 : Mar / Apr / May 2010 : Amateur
Starting season on 11th March 2010. Finished 30th with no points and was relegated.

Season 20 : May / June / July 2010 : Rookie
Too busy with exams to do any real work on the game, finished 3rd in group with 61 points, but made sure I was in debt as I was not in a good state to promote.

Season 21 : July / Aug / Sept 2010 : Rookie
Lost driver from previous season, planning to train up new one. However, no real time to play and so just made sure to qualify for every race to ensure enough money next season.

Season 22 : Sept / Oct / Nov 2010 : Rookie
Most of the season spent training new driver and testing.

Season 23 : Nov / Dec / Jan 2010/11 : Rookie
Promoted with * points and $ million in the bank, looking forward to rocking up Amateur.

Season 24 : Jan / Feb / Mar 2011 : Amateur
Back up to Amateur, retained with * points and about $? million, car in pretty good nick. Still training driver and expecting 2 more seasons at least in Amateur.

Season 25 : Apr / May / June 2011 : Amateur
My second season in Amateur 44.

35. Learn to Crochet / 41. Complete Art of Crochet

Currently working on:
Mid January 2010
First issue of Art of Crochet. Learned how to make a foundation chain, and the slip stitch

Valentines Weekend 2010 
Learned how to double stitch

08 March 2010
Queried why have not received any further issues

19 March 2010
Received the following email…
Subscriber *********
Thank you for your correspondence.
Please note that we did experience a stock shortage with regards to issues 2 and 3.  The stock has arrived in and was allocated to be dispatched on or around 20 March 2010 and can take anything up to 28 days for delivery if you do not have this by the 20th of April please contact us to look further in to this matter.
Please find my sincere apologies for this delay.  We thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter. 
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further assistance.

17 September 2010
Have now received 27 issues of Art of Crochet, and have yet to actually crochet anything! The collection now consists of 2 binders with magazines, a magazine rack, loads of yarn, several hooks, a yarn bag and a hook bag. :)

28 May 2011
Up to 60-ish magazines and have actually made 6 of the quilt patches!

34. Learn to Knit

Currently working on:
Mid January :
Nana showed me how to cast on, and how to knit. She also explained some of the stitches, and how basically they are all made up of various combinations of knit and purl.
Learned how to purl from Youtube.

Update : 28 May 2011
Subscribed to Art of Knitting magazine, but have not received any yet.

11. Complete all Assignments in Each Module

Since I was out of lectures, this was a tough one to complete. However, for each module I missed only 1 assignment, and managed to achieve highly in all of the ones I completed.

I was happy that I almost completed this task, given how I was throughout the semester :)

04. Attend 90% of Lectures in Semester 2 (2010)

Completed, but failed
Week 1 : 12/12
Week 2 : 13/13
Week 3 : 9/12
Week 4 : 0/14, 2 canx
Week 5 : 3/8 , 5 canx
Week 6 :  0/15, 1 canx 
Week 7 : 0/9 so far, 5 to go this week
Week 8 : None
Week 9 : None
Week 10 : None
Week 11 : None
Week 12 : None
11th March update:
It’s now the end of week 6. From the look of it, it’ll be impossible to achieve this goal. However, I will continue to try to make it lectures :)

17th September update:
Well, the year ended and I didn’t manage to get back into lectures. This was a total failure! However, I did manage to get notes photocopied and kept up with almost all assignments.

91. Buy New Laptop

Part 1 : Ordering and arrival

Completed 25th February 2010

Ordered my spanking new laptop on the 11th of February, through

Order was confirmed on the 17th, invoiced on the 23rd and arrived on the 25th.

Part 2 : Personalization

Completed 27th February 2010

Spent the last few days Who-ifying it! Icons, sounds, cursors, screensaver, desktop background.

Programs were the next step – AVG, Firefox, Thunderbird, R, Dev c++, Open Office, VLC. Firefox add-ons.

Love Windows 7 and it’s features. Snapping, shaking, show desktop. Gadgets. Dell dock. My Blog.

Part 3 : Transferring data

Currently working on

Transfer of files was the longest process.

Update : 17th September 2010

Still working on file transfers, not quite there yet!

Update : 19th October 2010

Have transferred over my music and photos, finally! Still more to go, but all the major files have been transferred.

7. Submit IRCSET application

Part 1 : Submit my forms

Completed 00:30 10 February 2010

After about a month of stressing over making my personal statement perfect, and finishing off my project proposal, not to mention the  several hours trying to get information from the Records Office about class rankings, finally submitted the forms after midnight on the day it was due! Thankfully it went into before any potential system crashes. Also managed to find myself a couple of good referees :)

Part 2 : Ensure supervisor and referees submit forms

Completed 14:30 24 February 2010

One referee was fantabulous and filled in their part a couple of days after they were notified. However, the other two left it right up to the last minute and caused me much paranoia and panic in the last two days. But now it’s all done and done, and just need to wait for the results :D

Part 3 : The Results

Completed May 2010

Afraid I was completely unsuccessful in this. I scored 69 out of a possible 100, the minimum mark needed was 80!

The List

Finish Date : 16th November 2012

College :

01. Graduate from NUI Maynooth - Complete
02. Get funding for PhD – Unachievable
03. Achieve first class honours in undergraduate degree - Complete
04. Attend 90% of lectures in semester 2 (2010) - Complete
05. Join at least one society or club in Trinity 
06. Complete ECDL - Complete
07. Submit IRCSET application – Complete
08. Complete and submit Trinity application for PhD – Unachievable
09. Attend an International Conference
10. Present at a major Conference
11. Complete all assignments for each module (2010) - Complete
12. Apply for grant with W.C.C. for PhD - Complete
13. Take some short courses or OU modules or masters – Complete
14. Complete and submit applications for 13 – Complete
15. Start local grinds business – Complete

Travel :

16. Go away for at least a weekend with my BFF
17. Go away for at least a weekend with Nana
18. Attend San Diego Comic Con – Unachievable
19. Visit Amsterdam
20. Visit Stonehenge 
21. Visit Cardiff
22. Visit Niagara Falls
23. Visit Pompeii
24. Visit The Colosseum
25. Visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa
26. Visit The Lourve
27. Visit Eiffel Tower
28. Travel on the Orient Express
29. Visit London 

Hobbies :

33. Make Messenger bag – In Progress
34. Learn to knit – In Progress
35. Learn to crochet – In Progress
36. Read all books on my shelf  - In Progress
37. Raise cold water fishes
38. Put together and paint Warhammer figures – In Progress
39. Make patchwork quilt
40. Get to Elite in GPRO – In Progress
41. Complete Art of Crochet quilt – In Progress
42. Win NaNoWriMo – In Progress (not blogged)
43. Complete Art of Knitting quilt

Whovian :

30. Attend Vortex IV
44. Attend Vortex II – Complete (not blogged)
45. Attend Chicago TARDIS
46. Attend Galifrey One
47. Finish Who DVD Collection (including Torchwood and SJA) – In Progress
48. Watch all Who DVDs (including Torchwood and SJA) – In Progress
49. Complete Classic Who Book Collection – In Progress
50. Complete Who Short Trips Collection – In Progress
51. Complete other Who Book Collection – In Progress
52. Read all Who Books (including Torchwood and SJA) – In Progress
53. Complete Who Audio Book Collection – In Progress
54. Listen to all Who Audio Books – In Progress
55. Review each Who story as watched / read / listened – In Progress
56. Make TARDIS Christmas tree topper
57. Knit 4th Doctor scarf – In Progress
58. Attend Vortex III – Complete
59. Paint Who Russian Dolls – In Progress
60. Paint Who room door as TARDIS door – In Progress

Food :

61. Take a cooking class – Complete
62. Eat at a 1 Michelin star restaurant
63. Eat at a 2 Michelin star restaurant
64. Eat at a 3 Michelin star restaurant
65. Fill recipe box – In Progress
66. Learn how to photograph food well - In Progress
67. Catch up on old Daring Bakers challenges
68. Return to Daring Bakers and complete monthly challenges – In Progress
69. Sell baked goods at least once at a farmers market
70. Subscribe to Baked and Delicious, bake from each issue – In Progress

Health :

71. Set date for starting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy – Complete
72. Return to Weight Watchers - In Progress
73. Lose 1.5lb per week until hit goal weight - In Progress
74. Take up a sport or dance class
75. Return to swimming weekly
76. Get to open all size boxes (20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10) – In Progress
77. Track eating for two weeks to see issues – Complete (not blogged)
78. Maintain goal weight
79. Follow Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme
80. Maintain healthy sleeping pattern

Social :

81. See each friend at least once a month – In Progress
82. Visit Nana at least once every 2 months – In Progress
83. Pick photos for album
84. Pick photos for wall hanging frame
85. Raise money for a charity – Complete
86. Get involved in community garden – Complete
87. Finish community garden website – In Progress

General :

88. Apply for rent allowance – Complete
89. Apply for medical card – Complete
90. Apply for household benefits and fuel allowance – Complete / Complete
91. Buy new laptop – Complete
92. Make a budget – In Progress
93. Start a savings plan in Post Office
94. Paint and decorate apartment – In Progress
95. Build DVD and Book Shelving
96. Build desk/work area
97. Build unit for fish/crafts/academic books
98. Change kitchen cabinet doors
100. Make another 101 things in 1001 days list for when this one finishes
101. Blog at least once a forthnight – In Progress

101 Things in 1001 Days

Well, it's official, I've been inspired, by my bestest buddy, , who was brought on to the idea by a friend of hers, and I hope I inspire one person to also try this.

The idea comes from , and is that you make a list of 101 things you'd like to achieve for yourself, doesn't have to be crazy or drastic, can be as simple as you like, and you try to get it done within 1001 days (that's 2 years, 38 weeks and 5 days!). But, this is not, as I've been reminded just today, a make it or break it situation. You're free to play around with things, change the unachievable, work with what you have. :)

My list will follow in the next post, categorised nicely, where it can be edited regularly :D

I'm excited.

Expected finish date : Friday, November 16, 2012