Friday, February 19, 2010

7. Submit IRCSET application

Part 1 : Submit my forms

Completed 00:30 10 February 2010

After about a month of stressing over making my personal statement perfect, and finishing off my project proposal, not to mention the  several hours trying to get information from the Records Office about class rankings, finally submitted the forms after midnight on the day it was due! Thankfully it went into before any potential system crashes. Also managed to find myself a couple of good referees :)

Part 2 : Ensure supervisor and referees submit forms

Completed 14:30 24 February 2010

One referee was fantabulous and filled in their part a couple of days after they were notified. However, the other two left it right up to the last minute and caused me much paranoia and panic in the last two days. But now it’s all done and done, and just need to wait for the results :D

Part 3 : The Results

Completed May 2010

Afraid I was completely unsuccessful in this. I scored 69 out of a possible 100, the minimum mark needed was 80!

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