Saturday, May 28, 2011

14. Complete And Submit Trinity Application For Masters

Completed on 23 May 2011

Having attended a post graduate fair in January 2011, I decided to make my 3 year "out of education" stint more productive by looking into the possibility of doing a part time masters.

So, after 3 months of research into Masters courses which would be useful in my PhD studies, I came upon two options - M.Sc. in Health Informatics and M.Sc. in Global Health, both of which are in Trinity.

I completed the online application on the 18th of May, and posted off all extra documentation on the 23rd.

And now, to wait.

Update 03 June 2011

Had my interview for Global Health, will hear in a couple of weeks if I have a place.

Update 12 October 2011

Was offered a place 3 weeks ago, accepted and am now happily enjoying the course!

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