Friday, February 19, 2010

91. Buy New Laptop

Part 1 : Ordering and arrival

Completed 25th February 2010

Ordered my spanking new laptop on the 11th of February, through

Order was confirmed on the 17th, invoiced on the 23rd and arrived on the 25th.

Part 2 : Personalization

Completed 27th February 2010

Spent the last few days Who-ifying it! Icons, sounds, cursors, screensaver, desktop background.

Programs were the next step – AVG, Firefox, Thunderbird, R, Dev c++, Open Office, VLC. Firefox add-ons.

Love Windows 7 and it’s features. Snapping, shaking, show desktop. Gadgets. Dell dock. My Blog.

Part 3 : Transferring data

Currently working on

Transfer of files was the longest process.

Update : 17th September 2010

Still working on file transfers, not quite there yet!

Update : 19th October 2010

Have transferred over my music and photos, finally! Still more to go, but all the major files have been transferred.

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