Friday, September 17, 2010

01. Graduate from NUI Maynooth

Having started university in 2002, I was starting to think I would never get through it all!

02/03 First year – I did Maths, Chemistry, Experimental Physics and Mathematical Physics. I’d covered pretty much everything in Leaving Cert, so got through that year fine.

03/04 Second year – Dropped Mathematical Physics, continued with Maths, Chemistry and Experimental Physics. Did very well in Maths, not too bad in Physics, and scrapped through Chemistry.

04/05 Third year [1] – Dropped Experimental Physics and Chemistry, and took up Pure Mathematics and Statistics in the Maths stream. Did good in Statistics, but got totally lost in Pure Maths with about a million theorems.

05/06 Third year [2] – Repeated changing from Pure Maths to Applied Maths, and scrapped my way through the year.

06/07 Fourth year [1] – Got diagnosed with depression and agoraphobia that year and ended up not sitting any exams.

07/08 Fourth year [2] – Only completed January exams this year, with a breakdown at the start of the second semester leading to dropping out. Did very well in Applied Maths exams, but failed Statistics.

08/09 Year off after much thinking

09/10 Fourth year [3] – Sat Statistics only in Semester 1 with good results. In Semester 2 things got a bit tough, but managed to achieve good grades in Applied Maths exams. Repeated Statistics exams in August and finally got them all done!

Graduating in October 2010 with a 1st Class Honours degree!

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