Friday, September 17, 2010

My BFF is Quarter of a Century

Well, my BFF hit the big 25 this week. And I, for reasons known only to the leprechauns in my head, decided to bake her the most ambitious cake I have ever attempted! You can see the full glory of how it was made starting here

I had made her a small, pink cake last year, which was, to say the least, the most sad looking little cake ever, despite the fact that it tasted alright. I needed to step up my game, big time.

But, I thought, if I can make macaroons, then dammit I can make a bloody awesome cake! I spent most of the week planning and designing, and teasing my BFF with speculative secrets and suspense. I wanted this cake to be her all over, to speak volumes about her, and to be instantly recognisable as hers.

One thing I am eternally grateful for is 24 hour Tesco [other supermarkets are available]. They pretty much had everything I could have needed, with the exception of cake board, but I guess that was hoping too much!

There was, of course, the issue of trying to get the cake in to the restaurant, which I solved with bribery and more cake, and thanks to a willing friend with personal transport. Dublin Bus is not ideal for carrying a cake on, nor is walking half way across Dublin city! Bustling crowds are not a safe place for cake.

Of course, it was also lashing rain on the day when I arrived, but was so grateful to be dropped just a couple of steps from the door! When I got inside, thankfully the hostess was right inside the door, and I left the cake with them, with instructions to bring the cake with dessert. Then made my way to the back of the restaurant to the party. Despite the fact that I arrived a few mins late, my BFF wasn’t there, so I really had nothing to worry about!

The meal was wonderful, most of the guests knew nothing about the cake at all until we were pondering over dessert, but it went down a storm! The birthday girl was really happy, and, for reasons unknown, I got a round of applause!


Read all about how it was made on my cooking blog!

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