Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 5 Results

  • Grind
  • Set up next grind
  • Pick up P60
  • Drop in pay form
  • GPRO Tues/Fri
  • Pay bills
  • Ring about med card
  • Ring about waiting list
  • Meet J
  • Meet A / Cooking Demo
  • Get stuff together and see CWO
  • Crochet patches 2 to 5
  • Write up 12 recipes
  • Do laundry
  • Join WW online and follow
  • Set up CC online
  • Finish reading The Glamour Chase
  • Watch The Web Planet
  • Update book list
  • Make plan for patchwork
  • Begin thinking about trip away
  • Get dates for conventions
  • Start planning NaNoWriMo 2011
  • Check novel progress
  • Get DB Feb recipe and plan
  • Photos
  • Update The List
  • Plan GPRO Season 24

A brief run down of the week... once again, not managed to do everything I wanted.

Grind, set up CC, joined ww online, in uni so not much done

Downloaded latest DB recipe, GPRO

Didn't get to bed early enough so no CWO, laundry

Met J, read

Met A, went to cooking demo, started on NaNo plan

Finished book

Weigh in, looked up convention dates, looked up trip ideas, looked up starred restaurants

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