Monday, March 2, 2009

The Joys Of Tutoring - Or Rising Failure Levels


Having just finished a batch of assignment correcting, with what seemed to be an unusually high bunch of failures, I decided to check out if it really was a higher set of failures.

Unfortunately I have no basis for comparison... Yet. I can't consider this week to be my baseline, since the assignment seemed to be beyond the grasp of a considerable number of students, so I am planning to use next weeks assignment as a baseline, as if I recall correctly this is one of the easier assignments of the year.

What I've discovered so far :

Of my 101 students, only 55 actually handed up the latest assignment. I have no way of determining which students do not take the course the question, but I will endeavor to find out.

I have 4 classes, one of which is based in Arts, the other three are in the Science discipline. The Arts and Science course is the same, however they do have different lecturers. I will make a comparison here.

Of the 55 assignments which I had to hand to correct, 24 failed, that is achieved a mark below 40%.

The analysis :

Well, it's only a basic analysis as yet, but here's the figures :

Class : Failure / Total Handed in , Failure + Not handed in / Total class size

Arts : 8 / 19 , 11 / 22
Sci 1 : 7 / 11 , 26 / 30
Sci 2 : 4 / 12 , 16 / 24
Sci 3 : 5 / 13 , 17 / 25

All : 24 / 55 , 70 / 101

What it means :

Well, nothing as of yet. I intend to continue looking at the failure rates for the rest of the semester, Arts having 5 more assignments and Science having 3. Hopefully in a few short weeks, I'll be able to see what this means, if in fact it means anything at all.

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