Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Paddy's Day Rant

So I'm doing my usual daily rounds of the interwebs, which includes a site called tastespotting.com, it's like a big gallery of recipes, great, and I notice sooo many for Paddy's day, or at least claiming to be, I mean since when did adding Guinness or something green make a recipe Irish?! I'm outraged.

Also, what's the big fascination with corned beef?! As a typical Irish person, I've never eaten the stuff in my life... Seriously. Cabbage and Ham, yes, Cabbage and Corned Beef, eh, no, what fucking Ireland do you think exists, one that has actual leprechauns and pots of gold?!

I mean soda bread, yes, that's Irish. Irish stew, yes, but it's not Irish stew if you make it with beef, you moron, then it's just beef stew, and then you think adding a can of Guinness makes it Irish, who the fuck puts Guinness in stew?! No sane Irish man or woman would waste good stout in a stew! And Shepard's Pie, don't even get me started, for one it's a British dish, for two you can't make things "Irish" by adding alcohol, for three you made it with beef and it's therefore Cottage Pie NOT Shepard's Pie...

As for this - ["Irish" for a day, corned beef on rye.], there are so many things wrong with that sentence, not to mention the picture, where's it's covered in that "traditional Irish ingredient" - mustard...

And then there are those who abbreviate incorrectly to St Patty's Day... eh, who?!

Sigh. Bloody Americans, it's bad enough they all claim Irish heritage, but then they have to stomp all over our day with misconceptions and ignorance.

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