Friday, April 24, 2009

Dieting and Baking, a lethal mix

This week I went back to Weight Watchers, possibly a foolish move on my part, since I had some baking to do this week for Daring Bakers. It's been over 3 months since my last meeting, what with the NY trip and just generally not getting up early enough on a Wednesday morning. Anyways, I somehow (and don't ask me how, because I really don't know) managed to lose 10lb (or just over 4.5kg for you metric-savvys) in those months. I knew I'd lost a little, but I wasn't expecting it to be such a drastic drop. I'm just 3lb away from my first 5% goal (going by the start weight of 2009), and have lost a full stone since beginning originally :D

Also this week I've been doing this months Daring Bakers challenge but no, I can't tell you what it is :P. I can, however, tell you that I ended up baking 48 mini treats, over two days, in 8 flavours, and I can't let myself eat any because a) the points are probably astromical for such a small thing and b) I don't want to have to try to work out the points. So, for that end, I decided to bring them to work and unload them on my workmates. This morning I wrapped one of each flavour together in a bundle (5 bundles in all), sent one up to the Maths Dept, one for each of my 3 workmates in today to take home, and one for them to munch on during coffee breaks. I hadn't even tasted any of them myself, but they went down a storm. All three of my workmates told me I'd make a fortune selling them, and got an email saying that they went down great with the Maths Dept and that I have an alternate career option as a caterer. I was so flattered :) I think I've spent most of the day blushing :)

You may be thinking, wait... 5 bundles of 8... that's only 40... Emma, you said you made 48... Well, indeed, I needed to keep 8 back for decorating for posting at the end of the month on the flip side. :)

Tutorials are finishing up next week, so expect a post on this semesters average results, which I can already see are waaaay up from my earlier post. :)

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