Thursday, May 14, 2009

Goals and Collections

Hit my first 5% weight loss goal this week :D So happy, though still not doing the WW program to it's full extent, like not getting enough water, not doing enough exercise (or any for that matter). But to reward myself for hitting this goal, I've ordered some classic Who dvds, which I can hardly wait to watch.

I've decided that since my Dr Who book collection is nearing completion, I would start collecting the classic DVDs. My first step is to get caught up with the 70 odd releases. The order has been determined by price and offers, starting by buying the cheapest ones and the ones that are on extra special offer. However I'm not going to start watching them until I have them in order (ie going to watch Hartnell before I watch any of the others).

In the mean time, I'm re-watching NuWho. It started with the re-watching of Torchwood, and then with commentries. Although I then discovered that the season 2 box set has no commentries! I was pretty disappointed, especially since this is the better of the two seasons. I finished Ecclestons Who a few weeks ago, and was annoyed to find that he didn't participate in any of the commentries, but then as a man who was never a Who fan I don't know why I expected him to. Barrowman and Piper however gave great insights on their commentries. I'm currently in the middle of Tennants first season. The man has skills, and is very involved with the commentries which is great. I can't wait to rewatch the finale so I can see Rose's demise, she's one of my least favourite characters.

For now, soup making bekons.

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