Monday, June 29, 2009

Life and the Who-niverse

Life in general has been pretty hectic lately, but it's calming down now. I finally unpacked after my trip to Vortex in Belfast (yes, yes, I know it was almost 2 months ago), so I have a big box full of books, comics and dvds to get through. :)

I'm almost finished my nu-Who marathon. Tonight I'll be watching Midnight with commentary, then on to the final disc of season 4 :) I'll have watched it all before Torchwood : Children of Earth kicks off next Monday. Absolutely cannot wait to see what this season brings, with a prime time spot on BBC 1 for a whole week. I have no doubt it will be amazing. Housemates have been warned not to so much as breath during it, on pain of death.

I've started to paint again. It's so good having the time for it again :)

This is my Dragon Ogre Shaggoth, so I originally started to paint in early 2008, possibly even as far back as late 2007. But he is finally finished, and now sits in glory on the mantelpiece along side these two guys....

Excuse the dates on them, they were in fact taken in mid 2008. The top one is an Ogre standard, the lower one is Khazarak the One Eye.

My next project is a dragon with an elf on his back :) My intentions are for a yellow/orange/red scheme.

For now, dinner bekons. More posting next week as Torchwood is shown :D

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