Thursday, July 9, 2009

Days 2 and 3... and a Birthday Bash

Queevs, Ois and Rodge came over last night for dinner, a trip to Mantra (the newest club in Maynooth) and a birthday celebration. :) Here's the menu for the night -

Starter :

This was a twice baked potato with bacon and cheese :) First time making it and it went down really well. Simple but effective. I laid out some salad too, but apparently my friends do not eat rabbit food.

Main :

We had some chicken curry and some egg fried rice, the curry was runnier than I was happy with, and I forgot to put the scallions in the the fried rice, but people seemed to enjoy it regardless, so let's pretend everything was fine :D There was also some stir fried vegetables. There were many "mmm"s and comments of deliciousness, so clearly they couldn't taste the arsenic I laced it with LOL.


The cake is a Victoria Sponge a la Nigella Lawson, with pink colouring for the princess herself. It's in 3 layers, with melted chocolate spread on each layer, with sliced strawberries and fresh cream. Oddly the cake took the least amount of time to make. And I was quite happy when the pinkness didn't disappear after baking.

After cake, and some amount of alcohol, we hopped into a taxi and headed down to Mantra, which just opened up in Maynooth last weekend. First impressions - impressed. It had that "new" smell. No stale beer smell, no vomit stench, no sticky floors. A very new experiance for Maynooth, I must say, and a HUGE step up from the old LA. Drink was reasonably priced, not cheap, but not any more expensive than anywhere else. Pity it was a mid week night though, so the club was closed, but the bar was very awesome. Some snazzy features include a cocktail bar, a 24ft waterfall (which was turned off :( ) and tables with beer taps! I foresee future visits :)

Breakfast :

Well, unfortunately Ois missed out big time on this delish fry up, since he had to head off to work in the am. Although, since most of it was done on the handy dandy George Foreman grill, it was hardly any work. Except the eggs. And too much oil. And splattering myself slightly with hot oil. Smart, real smart. I now have various blotches so I can remember this day for a few weeks. :D

Torchwood : Day 2 :

More twists, and more excitement as Torchwood's latest season continued. They blew up Jack, and of course he didn't die... then they trapped him in concrete, only to be saved by the dashing Ianto with a digger! Didn't see it coming and was so impressed :) Plus naked Jack is always fun.

Day 3 :

Well only got to see this episode this morning, since I was out last night. (I hope it's appreciated that I missed an episode for the princess!) I'm really enjoying how the story is playing out, and that it's just the one long story, as opposed to 8 - 9 put together in 45 - 90 min slots. Maybe my expectations are too high for the next two nights though, and perhaps I'm very odd, but I would prefer not to see the 456... I like the hiding, I like the not knowing, I like the mystery, and I don't think it will add anything to the story by showing them. It's enough to know the few things about them that we do.

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