Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 - Week 1

Plan for Week 1 of 2011 -

  • Write another 2k words on novel
  • First crochet patch for throw
  • First patchwork patch for quilt
  • Watch next Hartnell story
  • Bake January 2011 DB recipe
  • Finish first Dexter novel and the Who novel I'm reading
  • Write up a few of my recipes for the recipe box
  • Paint a Warhammer figure
  • Wrap rest of caramels
  • Make more chocolates
  • Complete and send off medical card form
  • Go see CWO with rent allowance form
  • Qualify and race in next 2 races on GPRO
  • Check up lists on Who dvds, books, etc
  • Print 4th Doctor Scarf pattern
  • Book cooking demonstrations / classes
  • Start proper budget
It's a big plan, and incorporates many things on The List, but there's 7 days to complete this mini list, which will give me an overview of how much I can or cannot achieve in a week.

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