Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 2 Progress

  • Finish reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • Read The Glamour Chase
  • Complete January 2011 Daring Bakers challenge
  • Post medical card form
  • Go to Garda station for form
  • Post form for register
  • Post living alone allowance form
  • Pick up medication
  • Get landlord signature on form
  • Visit CWO about Rent Allowance
  • Qualify and Race in 2 GPRO races :- Race 10 and Race 11
  • Keep GPRO team site updated :- for Race 10 and for Race 11
  • Record weight at start of week, stick to diet and exercise
  • Book 2 cooking classes/demos
  • Write 500 words on novel
  • Crochet patch 2
  • Write up 4 more recipes
  • Update Who lists with recent releases
  • Print Who lists
  • Watch The Romans

DA letter arrived today, so was able to copy that before I left the house. I went to garda station to get a form signed, then picked up my medication, checked time and day for CWO, posted all the forms and got some groceries before heading home. When I got in I changed a lightbulb, put on the dishwasher and the washing machine. Also texted my landlord to get his signature, and looked up times and dates for cooking class and demo. I paid the phone bill and then weighed myself (I lost 5lb since just before xmas!!!). I rang up and booked a follow up appointment at the doctors. The landlord arrived and signed the form... and that was all before lunch!
In the early evening, I sent off an email about a return of an item I got in the post in the morning, and packed it ready to be sent back. I made a large batch of zero point pasta sauce (enough for 6 dinners!) and emptied the dishwasher.
All in all, Monday was very productive.

This afternoon, I emailed the list of dates to my friend for cooking class/demo. After lunch, I went to doctor, followed by the pharmacy to pick up new antibiotics (apparently I was resistant to the ones she prescribed last week!). Then headed up to the post office to post back stuff, to shop to get last of ingredients for DB challenge, but then had to turn around and go back up to another shop as first shop didn't have it all, then back to post office to take out money to actually pay for it, back to second shop and then home. I put on another wash (seems it builds up when you've no running water for 14 days!) and hung up yesterdays wash to dry.
For GPRO - I checked car levels and upgraded, checked driver stats and trained, updated forum with these, qualified for race and set up, updated forum with these, checked the strategies thread and added to it, checked the season check in thread and replied to each person. When qualifying closed, posted qualifying times for both teams, and then the results when the race ended. Both teams had a great race, scoring the most points we have this season.
Boredom kicked in momentarily, so I tidied the drawers in my coffee table! Decided on dates for cooking class/demo with my friend, so will be calling them tomorrow to book.

With being sick, I haven't had the energy for any reading this week, or to start the crochet. Tomorrow I'll be starting on the baking, going to the CWO and booking the classes, and whatever else I can handle without bending over in pain!

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