Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Week 1 Progress

  • Write another 2k words on novel
  • First crochet patch for throw
  • First patchwork patch for quilt
  • Watch next Hartnell story
  • Bake January 2011 DB recipe
  • Finish first Dexter novel and the Who novel I'm reading
  • Write up a few of my recipes for the recipe box
  • Paint a Warhammer figure
  • Wrap rest of caramels
  • Make more chocolates
  • Complete and send off medical card form
  • Go see CWO with rent allowance form
  • Qualify and race in next 2 race on GPRO
  • Check up lists on Who dvds, books, etc
  • Print 4th Doctor Scarf pattern
  • Book cooking demonstrations / classes
  • Start proper budget

It's been slow going so far this week. It's already Wednesday, and I'm not even 1/3 through this mini list.

I have made a start on my budget, though finalising it will have to wait until I sort out rent allowance, medical card and a few other bits and pieces.

Racing in GPRO was a given, as the races are on Tuesday and Friday nights, I'm certainly not worried about completing that task. Despite starting out 2nd on the grid, I only placed 18th as I hadn't upgraded vital parts of my car, though this was dilberate on my part. I expect to gain points in Fridays race, with a better car.

I wrote up a few recipes which I made over the Xmas period for the recipe box, I'm hoping to keep doing that on a weekly basis to fill it up. They're colour coded (green for Daring Bakers, blue for sweet, yellow for savoury and pink for confection/gift ideas), and then with alphabetical tabs in the box too.

I've been reading again, as of last night, at the moment the Who novel (The Kings Dragon by Una McCormack), which I'll hopefully finish tonight.

I'm working on getting the remainder of my caramels wrapped up, it's a tedious job, but has to be done. My aunt commented that they tasted like Werthers Originals. :)

Aside from the list, I made a batch of brownies on Monday night/Tuesday morning, a twist on an Alton Brown recipe, and they came out pretty delicious. I tweaked his recipe to include some chopped walnuts by reducing the amount of cocoa, I felt they needed that little crunch throughout. I also replaced a teaspoon of the vanilla with a teaspoon of coffee to enhance the chocolate flavour, and it worked a treat. I had made his recipe as is a few months back, they were dense and fudgy, delicious in their own right, but my own version is the one I'll be sticking with in future.

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