Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 3 Progress

  • Make appointment with hairdressers
  • Drop paperwork in to uni
  • Meet N for tea and catch up
  • Meet A to give cake(s)
  • Fill in payment form
  • Sort photos for baking blog
  • Get phone numbers for 2 people
  • Buy a bin
  • Crochet patches 2 and 3
  • Record weight, stick to diet and exercise
  • Meet R in town
  • Hang up noticeboard
  • Plan food for party
  • Write up baking blog
  • Ring re: P60 and payslip
  • Ring re: position on waiting list
  • Take in lights from balcony
  • GPRO Race 12
  • GPRO Race 13
  • Price frame for degree
  • Finish Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • Write up 4 recipes
  • Update Who lists
  • Print Who lists
  • Start on photos for album and frames
  • Read The Glamour Chase
  • Meet C in town
  • Price shelves / storage
  • Work on budget
  • Get lightbulbs
  • Watch The Romans

Went into uni, dropped paperwork, met N and A, and C, caught up, got phone numbers, got pay form so I can fill in, re-watched ep 1 of The Romans

Woke up in pain, again, cancelled with R, did tonights and Friday nights qualifying etc for GPRO. A mostly unproductive day.

Another vastly unproductive day, where I did nothing on the list at all.

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