Sunday, January 16, 2011

Week 2 Results

  • Finish reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • Read The Glamour Chase
  • Complete January 2011 Daring Bakers challenge
  • Post medical card form
  • Go to Garda station for form
  • Post form for register
  • Post living alone allowance form
  • Pick up medication
  • Get landlord signature on form
  • Visit CWO about Rent Allowance
  • Qualify and Race in 2 GPRO races :- Race 10 and Race 11
  • Keep GPRO team site updated :- for Race 10 and for Race 11
  • Record weight at start of week, stick to diet and exercise
  • Book 2 cooking classes/demos
  • Write 500 words on novel
  • Crochet patch 2
  • Write up 4 more recipes
  • Update Who lists with recent releases
  • Print Who lists
  • Watch The Romans

Woke up fairly late, after staying up til 3am to get the challenge finished off before bed. After having some breakfast, I made up a list of things I needed to do between now and Sunday, from the list here and general housework, as well as rough lists for the next two weeks.
I spent some time on GPRO and on the team forum, upgrading my car, doing some testing laps, training my driver, leveling up my staff, practice and qualifying for tonight's race.
Cleared off the table and counters of dishes from last nights baking fest, putting as many as possible into the dishwasher and putting that on. Even wrote up another recipe card, making it 8 in total this week. Took the dry clothes off the horse and folded, moved them into bedroom to be put away later.
Posted up the team qualifying times and positions onto the team forum, and made a suggestion about a possible change to the teams overall strategies on set ups.
After moving clothes, went to laundry room, took non-towels out of washing machine, put towels on to tumble dry and hung up the rest. Emptied the dishwasher and made dinner.
After dinner, watched the race on GPRO, and posted the team results up when it was over.
Having cleaned down my table and counters, I garnished my challenge, took the final photographs for it. Also treated myself to a piece... and my goodness was it delicious!!!

Got to bed quite late on Friday, having spent an hour and a half trying to help a team mate get access to the team forum. Thankfully, he got access this afternoon.
After eating another slice of the challenge, decided I better slice it up, wrap it up and give it away before I find all the weight I've lost so far! I gave a couple of slices to some neighbours on my floor and dropped a couple up to my friend, put a slice by for another friend. Still have a few to get rid of, but will probably bring them to the office on Monday.

Woke up in a *lot* of pain, so getting the list finished today would be a mighty achievement, although I think I've hit about the right level of how much I can get done in a week. Made an attempt at the crochet, but was too drowsy to complete it. Concentration levels were too low to consider the novel writing, or any reading. Didn't get around to the Who lists, once again. I've discovered I get more done at the start of the week, so think I'll be planning in that way. Once again, didn't watch the Who story, The Romans, yet.

This week has felt very long, probably with all the medication I've been on has been wreaking havoc on my body! Lots to do next week, list up tomorrow morning :)

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