Friday, January 7, 2011

Week 1 Progress - Again

  • Write another 2k words on novel
  • First crochet patch for throw
  • First patchwork patch for quilt
  • Watch next Hartnell story
  • Bake January 2011 DB recipe
  • Finish first Dexter novel and the Who novel I'm reading
  • Write up a few of my recipes for the recipe box
  • Paint a Warhammer figure
  • Wrap rest of caramels
  • Make more chocolates
  • Complete and send off medical card form *
  • Go see CWO with rent allowance form *
  • Qualify and race in next 2 race on GPRO
  • Check up lists on Who dvds, books, etc
  • Print 4th Doctor Scarf pattern
  • Book cooking demonstrations / classes 1 2 3
  • Start proper budge

I'm planning to leave the writing until tomorrow, when I've a little more energy, I've been starting to fix my sleep pattern, so concentration has been waning the last few days.

I'm roughly half way through the crochet patch, which I'm finding relaxing. The pattern is pretty straightforward and gives a nice enough result. The patchwork on the other hand has eluded me thus far, though I am excited about using my sewing machine. Still have to think up a design for the patch, and choose a size for all the patches.

Keeping the Doctor Who story for Sunday, for when I've achieved as much else of the list as I can manage, my treat for working hard on it all this week.

I've been leaving the two food related items (DB and chocolates) until the weekend, I feel it's a weekend kind of job. I probably would have done them mid week if I hadn't already made those brownies.

Finished off the Who novel on Wednesday night, as planned. Went back to Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay, which I'd only got a chapter into. Read another couple of chapters last night, I'll more than likely finish it by Sunday night.

Unfortunately, items marked * won't be finished this week as I'm waiting on a letter from the Disability people to prove income, so they'll be pushed onto next weeks list.

Have done most of my GPRO duties for the week, as team leader, keeping track of everyone's progress, and also racing. Finished quite badly in Tuesdays race, but tonight's should give a much better result.Only thing left to be done this week is to post up the results after tonight's race.

Another major job is checking up on my lists of dvds, books, cds etc, including updating them to include future releases. This one needs both printing, and unpacking of sorts, and oh how that unpacking terrifies me. This one will more than likely be left until Sunday.

Have printed off two patterns for the Doctor scarf, which is exciting. It's a very simple pattern, in that it's all knitted with no special stitches. Just a case of starting to buy the wools needed now, but that's for another time.

I've one confirmed booking regarding the cooking demos and classes, with Andrew Rudd on Fusion Cooking, which is followed by a 3 course meal. I'm quite excited about the demonstration, and seeing a proper chef up close working. Still have to look up dates and times for the other 2 classes, and decide on times with the friend I'll be attending with.

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