Friday, January 28, 2011

Week 4 Progress

  • Go back to Weight Watchers classes
  • Pick out photos for baking blog
  • Write up and post DB challenge
  • Write 8 recipe cards
  • Book and go to hair appointment
  • Book and go to doc appointment
  • Take in balcony lights
  • Replace bulbs
  • Measure degree and price frame
  • Sort photos for album and wall
  • Ring psych
  • Clean apartment for party
  • Put on 2 washes
  • Dry 2 washes
  • Put away all clean laundry
  • Print, fill in and drop in payment form
  • Usual GPRO Tues/Fri for me, and for team mate
  • Full detailed plan for party
  • Party CANX
  • Grind
  • Check up about RA
  • Check up about MC
  • Hang noticeboard
  • Crochet patches 2, 3 and 4
  • Catalogue MTG cards
  • Catalogue YGO cards
  • Take pics of MTG and YGO cards
  • Sell cards on eBay

All in all not going too badly this week. Still a few things to get done, and probably won't get through it all.

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