Monday, January 17, 2011

Week 3

New week, new list...
  • Make appointment with hairdressers
  • Drop paperwork in to uni
  • Meet N for tea and catch up
  • Meet A to give cake(s)
  • Fill in payment form
  • Sort photos for baking blog
  • Get phone numbers for 2 people
  • Buy a bin
  • Crochet patches 2 and 3
  • Record weight, stick to diet and exercise
  • Meet R in town
  • Hang up noticeboard
  • Plan food for party
  • Write up baking blog
  • Ring re: P60 and payslip
  • Ring re: position on waiting list
  • Take in lights from balcony
  • GPRO Race 12
  • GPRO Race 13
  • Price frame for degree
  • Finish Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • Write up 4 recipes
  • Update Who lists
  • Print Who lists
  • Start on photos for album and frames
  • Read The Glamour Chase
  • Meet C in town
  • Price shelves / storage
  • Work on budget
  • Get lightbulbs
  • Watch The Romans

Once again, seems a lot longer than it is, lots of short things to do,  most will be done by midweek. Nothing too major to do this week, except having some fun and catching up with people.

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