Thursday, January 13, 2011

Week 2 Progress - Again

  • Finish reading Darkly Dreaming Dexter
  • Read The Glamour Chase
  • Complete January 2011 Daring Bakers challenge
  • Post medical card form
  • Go to Garda station for form
  • Post form for register
  • Post living alone allowance form
  • Pick up medication
  • Get landlord signature on form
  • Visit CWO about Rent Allowance
  • Qualify and Race in 2 GPRO races :- Race 10 and Race 11
  • Keep GPRO team site updated :- for Race 10 and for Race 11
  • Record weight at start of week, stick to diet and exercise
  • Book 2 cooking classes/demos
  • Write 500 words on novel
  • Crochet patch 2
  • Write up 4 more recipes
  • Update Who lists with recent releases
  • Print Who lists
  • Watch The Romans 

Went to see the CWO this morning, more hoops to jump through, now have to wait on a call from her and a routine house call before the allowance goes through. Booked both of the cooking classes/demos when I got home, they're not on until March, but it's great to have it out of the way. Did a bit of work on the team forum, since Fridays race is a new one for us.
After lunch, I backed up my laptop (you can never be too careful :) ). Did a little more work on the team forum with some random statistics from the game to keep the motivations up. Put on yet another wash (and still one more to go after that...), folded the clothes now dry from hanging yesterday, and hung up the ones from the machine from yesterday.
Ended up writing up 7 recipes, the ones for this months DB challenge, the marshmallows I made over xmas and the 3 recipes from BFFs birthday cake.

Was rudely woken by the postman's persistent knocks on the door, he mistakenly thought I needed to sign for an item. I had been looking forward to an extra hour of sleep, but only managed an extra 20 minutes. On the positive side, the latest Professor Layton game arrived, and I'm looking forward to playing that later.
Made 2 cups of cake flour, some of which was needed for the challenge recipes. I weighed out 6 sets of ingredients, I like to have everything laid out before I start to bake or cook. Photographed each set of ingredients, and the making of each recipe, for blogging on the reveal date, at the end of the month. Putting together the challenge was just that. I'm excited about bringing it to work with me tomorrow to see how it tastes. My back is killing me! Hopefully it will be worth it :)

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