Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week 1 Results

 And the results for this week are...
  • Write another 2k words on novel
  • First crochet patch for throw
  • First patchwork patch for quilt
  • Watch next Hartnell story
  • Bake January 2011 DB recipe
  • Finish first Dexter novel and the Who novel I'm reading
  • Write up a few of my recipes for the recipe box
  • Paint a Warhammer figure
  • Wrap rest of caramels
  • Make more chocolates
  • Complete and send off medical card form *
  • Go see CWO with rent allowance form *
  • Qualify and race in next 2 race on GPRO
  • Check up lists on Who dvds, books, etc
  • Print 4th Doctor Scarf pattern
  • Book cooking demonstrations / classes 1 2 3
  • Start proper budget
So, seems I way over-estimated how much I was capable of achieving in a single week.

I opened up my novel yesterday, but didn't write a single word having slept very badly the night before.

Made no attempt whatsoever at the patchwork.

Was saving the Who ep  as a treat, but feel I didn't earn it this week.

Haven't started the baking, but have planned out the recipes.

Only read another chapter or two of Dexter, might read another few tonight, though I did finish reading Dark Victory (a Batman graphic novel by Loeb/Sale).

As with the patchwork, the painting wasn't even attempted, nor were the chocolates. I think the main problem with the food stuffs this week is the very low pressure in the water, and until that's sorted I don't want to do much.

The Who lists were just too much to bother with this week, by the time the weekend rolled around I was out of both motivation and concentration, and wasn't sleeping too well.

Live and learn, this was an experimental week after all. Next week will have a smaller list, more achievable.

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